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Dogwood Entertainment is a full service design and event production company based in the Hudson Valley of NY. In addition to being the leading provider of Jack o'Lantern displays, our proprietary mold methodology allow us to provide fiberglass alternative props and themes for all levels of commercial display. 

Our work has been enjoyed throughout the US and parts of Canada - in live ticketed events, feature films, pop-up museums, family farms, commercial properties more. 


Founded in 2017 by Noah and Ally, this husband and wife team has been blessed by an incredibly talented, dedicated staff of artists, carpenters and digital designers.  This blend of skills and teamwork has allowed Dogwood Entertainment to take on some tremendous clients while maintaining boutique-type service. 

Dogwood Owners
The Glow Jack O'Lanterns
Rise of the Jack O Lanterns

Meet the Talent

An incredibly talented team of artists, carpenters, sculptors, 3D modelers, and front end staff working together to create spectacular props. 

Art Staff


Art Staff



3D Modeler
Art Staff


Art Staff


Art Staff


Art Staff


Art Staff


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