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Molded Props & Wholesale Opportunities

We offer a variety of themed props to wholesalers all across the US. Our unique technology allows us to offer an alternative to imported, fiberglass props that are more durable, better looking and more customizable than what is currently available.
Contact us at to request a wholesale catalog, or to speak with our team about developing an exclusive product. 

Calliope - 10 ft modular pumpkin 

Modular Pumpkin Prop
Calliope Pumpkin Prop
Modular Pumpkin Prop

Tall Boy - 8 ft tall pumpkin stack

Pumpkin Tower
Pumpkin Entry
Pumpkin Tower
Spooky Pumpkin Tower

This item can be fully round or with a flat back for mounting on a fence. Choose your face style and coloring, or keep it standard with simple pumpkins. 

Additional modifications can allow for a sign post inside. 

Pumpkins and Tombstones

Graveyard Scene
Medium Tombstone
Large Tombstone
Small Tombstone

We offer these three select headstones. Perfect for Halloween season. Imagine these decorating your yard or set for a cool graveyard scene. Wherever you put these, the dead  will sure be rising. 

Customizable for punny phrases, spooky names, or whatever it is you think adds that unique detail to your Halloween graveyard.

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