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Jack O'Lantern Trails

Field of jack o lanterns

Halloween gives you a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to design. Whether it be family friendly, horror, or anything in between, Dogwood has seen it all, and done it all. 

Dragon Jack O Lantern

Pumpkin Boards

Bear Pumpkin Scene


Jack O Lantern Portrait

Art Pumpkins

Art Pumpkins are what we call single pumpkins with heavily detailed, layered artwork carved into the face of the pumpkin. Go classic monsters and Halloween ghosts, or do something different, like your favorite celebrities, or video game characters. The possibilities are endless for these crazy pumpkins.

Jack O Lantern
Jack O Lantern Portrait
Snoop Dogg Jack O Lantern Portrait
Frankenstein Pumpkin
Jack O Lantern Portrait
Pirate Pumpkin Scene
Dinosaur Jack O Lantern
Winter Pumpkin Scene
Classic Monsters
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