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How can Pantone's "Color of the Year" help your business?

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Did you know that every year, Pantone (the color experts) “comb the world looking for new color influences" in order to chose a "Color of the Year"? "Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home furnishings, and industrial design..." As a bit of a color junkie, I love following these announcements and finding ways to incorporate them into our designs. Last year, Pantone chose a beautiful, vibrant Yellow called “Illumination”. As soon as I saw it, I new we needed to build a 3D Sunflower in that color….so we did and they went like hot cakes! Sunflower festivals, family farms, even a few selfie museums snatched them up. And although they are time consuming to make (and we went through a LOT of jigsaw blades cutting those petals)I smiled every time we sent one out the door, knowing that we were helping to “illuminate” the world just a little bit.

This year's color is ”Very Peri” Very Peri is a beautiful shade of light purple with hints of blue. When I first saw it, my mind immediately went to Blueberry Donuts. Warm, sweet, delicious Blueberry Donuts! Last year we debuted our 3D donut, and in 2019 we sent a set of scrumptious donut signs out so we’ve got some bring it on! Our 3D donut started out with a pink glaze and sprinkles, but ended with us selling Halloween themed ones to our jack o’lantern clients. Before the holiday break I finished sanding 3 new donuts and at least one will be getting a “Very Peri” makeover.

But we’re not going to stop at Donuts.January is our most creative month…we always try to take time off with our family in December and after a few weeks of sleeping late and watching ALL the movies, the creative juices are flowing. You know, I hear lavender is the new Sunflower.... Still not sure this impacts your business? Consider this...companies all over the world use this announcement to offer "limited edition" products and special release events. Instagrammers and influencers throughout the US seek out new and unique ways to photograph themselves with this color. According to Business Insider, it doesn't just have to be Apple and Essie Nail Color that taps into this excitement. We use it and so can you! Even if you don't have the budget for a new installation, here are some simple (inexpensive) ways to incorporate Very Peri..

  • Plant a special Lavender garden around the main entrance

  • Paint a large plain wall at your property in Very Peri. Accent with a bench, vintage farm equipment and some fresh flowers for an instant photo op. Don't forget to have some young farm staff snap selfies and share for the most exposure!

  • Have a farmers market? Create a corner dedicated to vendors with periwinkle products or create a contest for customers to share their periwinkle purchases

  • On Mother's Day, skip the traditional bouquets and offer Very Peri ones

Now go have some colorful fun!



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