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Here's to hoping 2022 won't be a dumpster fire like its predecessors

After 2 years of challenges, '22 will likely be a much smoother space for farms, venues and live events. It was devastating to watch our clients struggle in Spring of 2020 but so inspiring to see all the pivoting that happened! From picnic lunch pods to farmers markets to drive-thru shows, they found a way to give guests a safe experience and keep their staff working.

And after all that creativity, we are excited for a return to "normal" in 2022. As we learn to exist with Covid 19, many folks find themselves ready to return to their old ways. According to 2021 Q3 survey, 78% of respondents said they are comfortable attending a live event in 2022. In fact, while only 46% of event managers reported hosting a live event in 2021, more than 78% say they will do so in 2022.


And despite the hit caused by Covid 19, agritourism is expected to continue it's upward trajectory, growing by 13.4% through 2027.


While a renewed interest in community farms and "stay-cations" are helpful, family-friendly events are critical to this growth. In fact, in 2021 more venues added holiday themed events than ever before. Christmas Light Drive-thrus and Jack o'lantern trails proved vital to the success of our AG-friends. And with infrastructure, staffing and marketing already in place, the cost of adding an event is much less than you might think.

Think there is too much competition in your market? Think again....In Westchester NY, two Christmas light events operated just 30 minutes from each other, one as a walk-thru and one as a drive-thru. Not only did they each see impressive attendance, but many local residents experienced both! By finding simple ways to differentiate themselves, they were still able to capitalize on the holiday fun despite a local competitor.

We are excited for a bustling 2022 and hope you are as well. You deserve it after these past 2 years! We hope to see you all this tradeshow season and please follow our blog and social media for more info like this.


Dogwood Entertainment

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